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Colorful Expression: A Glimpse into My Interior Design Style

 In my current living space, a deliberate effort went into enhancing the quality of our art collection. I have been able to purchase several pieces primarily created by local artists, so, they take center stage with their creations reflecting a vibrant palette that resonates with me. Handcrafted pieces, framed to perfection, contribute to the artistic tapestry.

Texture is not just a component but a guiding principle in my design ethos. Think textured wallpaper, indulgent chenille fabrics, and paintings that weave a rich tapestry of depth. I favor light-colored walls, allowing the artwork and fabrics to become the protagonists, infusing the space with vibrancy and personality.

Our home, a mid-century modern masterpiece by architect Mauldin, underwent a top to bottom remodel that took a year in 2016, touching every nook and cranny. Upon moving in during 2017, it became the perfect canvas for our evolving family.

Nestled in an ideal location with a large yard, our home seamlessly accommodates our lifestyle. Brad and I have grown our love of plants and working in the yard together. Our yard and love for plants intertwines with my interior design style.

Beyond the home, our haven has expanded since 2017 with thoughtful additions—a swimming pool, a welcoming patio, and a charming pergola—all designed to complement and enhance our interior design narrative.

Join me on this colorful and textured journey, where each corner tells a story of a love for vibrant hues, an appreciation for local art, and the joy of crafting a home that evolves with our family.

- Mercyla