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In the Hue of Blue

Oh, the allure of blue! It's not just a color; it's a love affair that has graced my personal and professional spaces throughout the years. If you step into my home, you'll find a symphony of traditional blues that create a harmonious backdrop to my life. From classic blue and white ginger jars to a navy sofa and a primary bedroom adorned in blue wallpaper with delicate blue and white accents, my love for blue is an integral part of my home's aesthetic.

Reflecting on my journey, I reminisce about one of the first significant purchases I made for my home—a charming blue and yellow porcelain lidded canister. It was more than a decor piece; it marked the beginning of my personal exploration into the diverse world of blue.

What captivates me most about blue is the myriad of shades it offers. In recent projects, I've delved into the subtle elegance of pale blue, the delicate charm of robin's egg blue, and the soothing tones of a soft blue-green palette. The versatility of blue allows me to paint different narratives in each project, adding layers of depth and character.

Yet, for all its enchanting qualities, the very thing that makes blue irresistible—its countless shades—is what presents the greatest challenge when designing a room. Balancing the hues, tones, and saturations requires a delicate touch and a keen eye for detail. It's a dance between creating a cohesive design and allowing the unique personality of each shade to shine.

Stay tuned as I unveil the final touches on these recent projects, sharing the beauty that unfolds when working with the myriad shades of blue. For now, let's celebrate the ever-inspiring journey of designing with this beloved color—a hue that has left an indelible mark on my heart and in the spaces I create.

- Mercyla