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Moroccan Blankets Camel

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Moroccan Pom Blankets are truly beautiful, handwoven by skilled weavers in Marrakech, Morocco. Our pom blankets are hand spun using the finest 100% natural cotton and finished with large pom poms on each side.

Often used in Moroccan resorts and raids, a perfect accent draped over your bed or lounge to create the perfect touch of raw, authentic, luxe style to your home. Our pom blankets are luxuriously soft weighted, perfect to snuggle into.

Handwoven textiles are woven on home looms and given as gifts to mark special occasions and milestones, like a long friendship, or wedding anniversary.

Dry clean recommended. Otherwise, hand wash using a mild detergent or gentle machine wash on cold inside of a duvet cover.

Size: 78'' x 118"

Made in Morocco